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7 Myths about Garage Doors

05/06/2014 Back To Blog

Superficial knowledge is worse than ignorance. That's a fact covering all aspects of life and it can be very dangerous when it comes to garage doors. It's best to acknowledge you know little about parts and how garage systems work than pretend you are an experienced handyman just because you read some things in the internet. Such systems are heavy and highly complex. They can be tricky and very dangerous. Knowing little but insisting on having broad knowledge about garage systems may lead you in making the wrong decisions, misunderstanding things and either overestimating or underestimating the power of the mechanism.7 Myths about Garage Doors

Did you know that your electric garage door is the largest moving system on your property? This is just one interesting and important fact. Discover many more in our blog post which debunks seven of the most common garage door myths. You will learn a lot of new and useful things to help you make the right decisions regarding door and opener choice, maintenance and repair. Don’t miss to get practical advice which will help you save time, effort and money. Open up your mind about the available possibilities and do what is needed to have a perfectly working and fabulous looking automatic door.

Having little knowledge will also lead you to believe things you read or hear about your overhead door. To what extend are those things true and what effects can have in your everyday life should you choose to believe them? People always get caught in between opinions and suggestions and they choose sides without knowing why. Is that prudent? It is actually wrong and the most dangerous game you can play in your garage. Some will try to sell you a story just to make a sale or just for the sake of it! Some will just write what's on their heads and it remains to be seen which path you will follow in order to avoid traps and problems that come along.

Since the beginning of garage door production there have been plenty of ideas among people regarding how garage door openers work and what are the main maintenance requirements of systems in order to remain in great condition. Throughout time, some of these things were true and some were just myths and misconceptions. Over the years, some things have changed, too. Garage doors are not the same as they used to be. Electric openers have been diversified as well. Accordingly the expectations and the facts regarding garage mechanisms have altered as well. So, don't believe everything you read or everything they tell you. At least, don't take things for granted especially if you are interested to replace the existing garage door, make other significant changes in the system or do repairs.

Things you ought to know about your garage doors

You may thing: what if some people are trying to tell me a story about garage doors? How can that affect my own safety at home or even my security? Well, don't underestimate the power of words. If someone tells you that galvanized garage door torsion springs are the best on the market, you will surely insist on buying the same ones next time spring replacement is required. If someone tells you that repairing the system is a piece of cake and costs practically nothing, next time your cable will need fixing you will attempt doing it yourself. It is natural to repeat what other people do or follow their advice, especially if it is to our best interest. Who wouldn't try to interfere with repairs and save money when a close friend managed to do so!

Though, if you are planning to listen to what other people have to say, it is also crucial to take into consideration that there is a small possibility that someone might be just bragging about something, lying or exaggerating. Some friends may have different skills than you or their products might have proven to be accidentally good. Everything comes with a price and the question is whether you are ready to pay yours. Thinking before acting is vital and prudent. It can save you money, time and fatigue. It can also prevent trouble and accidents. So, take measures, believe half you hear and draw your own conclusions for your own reasons.

As an overall, it's good to know that each garage system is different. There might be similarities but your sectional doors will be different than your friend's in another neighborhood or even town. Do you know why? Apart from buying them from different manufacturers, each system consists of hundreds of parts that might have been manufactured by different industries. Plus, the way you treat your garage door with the way your friend treats his might be completely different. Components and panels are also affected by other factors. Take the weather conditions, for example. It's different to have wood doors in California and in New York. The climate will have a completely different effect on the panel and parts and thus the frequency of maintenance will be different. Accordingly and depending on maintenance, the longevity of the door and its parts will also differ.

Is it the same having glass garage doors in a house with a nice view to the ocean and a house in a rather dangerous neighborhood? Take into account the frequency of usage. Your parents have retired and hardly leave the house. They open their roll up garage door once or twice a week while you have a 6-members family. Unavoidably, you use the door every single day repeatedly. Will you need the same maintenance? It's not coincidental that garage doors must be chosen based on certain criteria but it's always good to know the usual myths about them in order to react accordingly.

1. Who said that they are created equal? Garage systems have significant differences among them and that's actually a good thing. Not all properties in every part of the world will need the same exact door let alone the aesthetic part. The size is different and is supposed to serve other interests. The material is different and so are the electric garage door openers. If you choose aluminum doors, you will pay less but also receive less protection since the material is soft and lightweight. If you go for wood panels, you will deal with their maintenance much more often.

In any case, there are varieties to suit different interests, properties and people's tastes. There are also differences in qualities and basic distinctions among the same material panels. For example, you can get steel doors with or without zinc coating, with or without insulation. So, if anyone tells you that all garage doors are the same, you will know that he is either ignorant or he is trying to persuade you about something.

2. The choice of the electric opener will also make a difference to your system. Each opener works with a motor, which is either silent or noisier and of a different horsepower. It will depend on the weight of the door. You don't just select openers at random but according to the needs of the door.

Though, it is wrong to believe that it's the openers that lift the door. This is mainly the job of the springs. Of course, it is the result of multiple components working together in order to open and shut the door properly and the opener contributes as far as initiating motion and keeping the right speed, which will be determined upon the horsepower of the garage door motors.

3. In fact, when you need new garage door repair parts, you must remember that there are differences among components. Each component comes out in various materials and sizes. Springs, for instance, must be measured in accordance primarily to the weight of the door but also to its height (if you are going to get extension springs). When you need new rollers, you must make sure the diameter of the roller as well as the length of the stem is right based on the weight of the door. Garage door parts come in different dimensions to serve different systems. So, don't just pick any track you see on the shelf of the hardware store because it might be the wrong one. 

4. There are also some differences among different kinds of parts. For instance, galvanized springs were overestimated for a long period of time and until people realized that they were not as strong as oil tempered garage door springs. So, a friend might have purchased galvanized springs but when he tells you how nice they are, he might be referring to their style. He might not tell you how often he is obliged to maintain them or considers the frequent needs for galvanized spring service natural.

5. The truth is that some materials are more resistant than others. Lately, the expansion and big demand for composite materials made an impression. These materials are usually advertised as maintenance free. There is also a rumor that galvanized parts do not need lubrication maintenance.

Both assumptions are wrong. These materials might need more rare maintenance and it will always depend on the local climate and dents inflicted on the panel but to presume that they need no maintenance whatsoever is wrong. Apart from cleaning, the material will still need to be checked and possible dents must be treated. What the ads try to tell you is that they are more resistant and they are. Though, if you leave dents untreated, the material will wear severely at some point.

Such resistant materials might need seldom maintenance but to consider that they are totally maintenance free will just put you in trouble. It's good to also keep in mind that galvanized materials will also need lubrication. These materials will just keep the parts resistant to moisture but it doesn't mean that they don't still need lubrication in order to move smoothly and protect their material!

6. Choosing insulated doors is a great option. Though, watch out when you are selecting r-value, which is the usual way of estimating the door's energy efficiency. If you are asked to invest in r-16, ask about the difference with r-8. It's good to know that the energy efficiency of the door is not doubled when choosing double value of energy doors. It is certainly better having r-16 than r-8 insulated doors but watch out for the price. You don't want to pay double when you will only get a small improvement of insulation.

Let's make it clear here that insulating the door is very important for all climates and all properties as long as the garage is attached to the house. It does make a significant difference to the whole property in terms of temperatures and it will make a difference to your pocket when the next energy bill arrives but you must not expect wonders either. The cost will be reduced dramatically but will not be cut in half and the temperatures will be great but as long as you also have good weather strips around the door, check and replace often the bottom seal, and keep the door closed.

7. Don't ever underestimate the importance of garage door repair. Some people are under the impression that repairs are needed once the parts are broken. Well, if you reach that point, the parts will need replacement and your security as well as safety will be at stake for quite some time. The point is to prevent problems and most definitely accidents by repairing the parts before they are totally worn. That's why it is important to pay attention to loud noises and notice anything out of the ordinary. Garage door inspections are important. Otherwise, we will all sit back waiting till the cables break and the door won't close anymore.

As significant is to never forget the importance of repairs, it is equally important not to overestimate your skills and try to do them yourself. The results might lead to tragedies. Don't get carried away about people saying and writing of how easy it is to repair parts. Some handymen might have the competence to do some tasks. Some might even replace their own springs. Does that mean this is wise? Certainly not! They might have greater knowledge than you or they are just not hurt yet! Though, those who play with fire will find themselves in big trouble one day but for now they are just bragging of how they save money by repairing garage doors on their own. Let them brag! You keep safe! After all, you know better! 

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