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Garage Door Openers

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Garage Door Repair Services

We replace panels and parts and fix anything wrong with the system! We are specialists in garage door repair services

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Garage Door Springs

Our Company specialists offer great and immediate services. We're fast emergency spring experts and keep our vans equipped for fast extension and torsion springs repair and replacement. We provide excellent repair parts and respond quickly to emergencies.

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Skillful and reliable garage door repairmen

Do you want to know more about garage doors? Do you have questions? Here you'll find more about maintenance, the best way to test sensors and how long openers last.

  • How often should the bottom seal be replaced?

    This depends on its make and the environmental conditions. If you can see sunlight coming in from underneath the garage door, you should replace the seal immediately. It is best to use vinyl seals as they are very strong and durable. If you have an aluminum retainer at the bottom of the door, you can just take out the old seal and slip the new one in.

  • Why are the bottom ends of the garage door tracks rusty?

    Since the hardware is made of galvanized steel, you can be certain that water and air are not the culprits. The two main causes of the problem are road salt and a corrosive cleaner used on the driveway and/or the garage floor. You should take measures to deal with the cause of the problem after using a rust remover to get the tracks back in shape.

  • Can a safety beam turned off?

    A safety beam is used to protect people, animals and objects from the garage door when it is closing. No opener can be turned off for this reason. Our experts from San Jose advice homeowners against buying a garage door opener that offers a beam that can be turned off as it may have been tampered with.

  • Why can rollers be found in different materials?

    Each material serves different purposes. Although most garage door rollers are made of plain steel materials, there are surely stainless steel rollers for properties located in high humidity regions or some particular commercial applications where the door gets wet. Nylon rollers are created for silent movement as well as rollers with many ball bearings.

  • What is the main advantage of having a wood garage door?

    The professionals at San Jose say that having a wooden door in your garage is a nice way to give your home a classic style. Properly finished wooden doors can give you longer service than other doors. It will need a little more effort than others, but by giving it proper garage door repair and maintenance, this exterior wood door can last from 50 up to 75 years. The wooden door is the only door construction that will remain gorgeous as it ages.

  • How can I avoid garage door accidents?

    All accidents related to garage doors are terrible and if the door collapses on someone, you might expect the worst. Of course, the little fingers of kids might get caught in the joins and, hence, you shouldn't allow them to play around the moving door or with remote controls. Garage Door Repair San Jose insists that the best way to avoid accidents is to schedule garage door maintenance and check the sensors often.

  • How can I test the reverse system?

    You should place a chair or any other object under the closing garage door to see if the sensors will activate the reverse mechanism. According to Garage Door Repair San Jose, it's the best way to ensure that the door is perfectly safe.

  • What parts should I give priority to during the maintenance service?

    We are accustomed to say that all garage door parts are equally important and this is very true because one loose screw can bring great troubles. Though, there are some parts, like the opener, the springs, the cables and the tracks, which are considered the soul of the mechanism because without them, the door will not work or won't work with safety.

  • What is the best time for garage door maintenance?

    The maintenance services are considered extremely important because they can actually prevent sudden problems and accidents related to garage doors. The best period to take care of such issues is during the summer or in the early autumn before it gets cold. You need to make sure that all parts are checked, repaired or replaced before the winter comes and you also want to be sure that your garage door system will be able to welcome the freezing winter days.

  • When should I do garage door repair?

    The simplest answer is right away. When the garage door springs break or the cable becomes loose, you don't have the luxury of waiting for long because damages on the garage door parts may cause failure of the whole system. That's why most companies have special emergency garage door service departments, which can take care of the unexpected problems immediately.

  • Why are sensors so important?

    They were invented to protect people from accidents and became the most important accessory of openers. Today, you can find sensors that serve a different purpose. The most famous ones are the sensors that activate the reverse mechanism of the system in times a child, a pet or anything else obstructs the proper closing of the door. Lately, sensors that open the door when there are high levels of CO or smoke in the garage also came out and they are life saviors as well, but they all need frequent maintenance.

  • Should I feel confident on doing repairs on my own?

    Garage door repair is a great responsibility because it is associated with the protection of your house and the safety of your family. If you are a good handyman and you are willing to devote some time on studying the garage door parts and follow instructions to the letter, you should give it a try with absolute caution. If you don't have time, you should avoid them because a garage door cable repair, for example, which is done wrong, may add to your problems rather than eliminating them.

  • How long is the typical life span of a garage door opener?

    The average life span of a garage door opener depends on how it was used. However, typically, according to experts from Garage Door Repair San Jose, these door openers can last from 10 – 20 years, still depending on the usage and model. Also, if they are properly maintained, they can even last for more than 25 years.

  • What is the rolling code technology?

    Before the year 1993, garage door openers were using dip switches on their receivers and transmitters. Though these switches provide safety with its 256 codes available, it was not able to provide a high level of security. Thus, experts at Garage Door Repair San Jose recommend using the rolling code technology that offers billions of potential code combinations.

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