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Common Garage Door Questions

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Common Garage Door Questions

We wanted to save you some time, so we created this page and had our professional technicians answer some of the most searched for FAQs regarding garage door systems and the various parts involved in their operation. Check their answers out below.

How often should the bottom seal be replaced?

This depends on its make and the environmental conditions where you live. If you can see sunlight poking through from beneath the garage door, you should replace the seal immediately. It's best to use vinyl seals as they are very strong and durable. If you have an aluminum retainer at the bottom of the door, you can also just take out the old seal and slip the new one in.

Why are the bottom ends of my garage door tracks rusty?

The two main causes of the problem actually tend to be road salt and a corrosive cleaner used on the driveway and/or the garage floor. You should first use a rust remover to get the tracks back in shape then take measures to deal with the cause of the problem. Our experts are here to help if you need additional assistance!

Why do rollers come in different materials?

Each material serves a different purpose. Although many garage door rollers are made of plain steel material, there are also many stainless steel rollers for properties located in high humidity regions or where dampness may be a problem. Nylon rollers are created for quieter movement in addition to rollers with ball bearings.

How long will my wooden garage door last?

A wooden garage door is a nice way to give your home a classic style. It may require a little more maintenance, but by giving it the proper attention, your exterior wood door can last from 20-30 years.

How can I check my reverse function works?

You should place a chair, a rag, or broom under your closing garage door to confirm the sensors activate the reversal mechanism. If it continues to close, you may have an issue with your sensors or opener and you should contact us.

What is the best time for garage door maintenance?

Maintenance is extremely important for preventing sudden problems and accidents related to garage doors. The best time to schedule maintenance is during the summer or in the early autumn before the cold sets in. You need to ensure that all parts are checked, repaired or replaced before the winter comes - you want to be sure that your garage door system can withstand any stormy or wintry days.

Why are sensors so important?

The purpose of garage door sensors is to protect people from accidents. They should activate the reverse mechanism of the system whenever a child, a pet or anything else obstructs the proper closing of the door. Lately, sensors that open the door if they detect high levels of CO or smoke in the garage have also been released.

How long is the typical life span of a garage door opener?

The average lifespan of a garage door opener will likely depend on how it is used and cared for. On average, door openers can last from 10 – 20 years, depending again on the usage and model and the number of daily cycles they're subject to.

What is rolling code technology?

Before the year 1993, garage door openers were using dip switches on their receivers and transmitters. Though these switches provide a level of safety with a range of 256 codes available, they were not able to provide a high level of security. That's why our experts recommend using rolling code technology which offers billions of potential code combinations, making it harder to for others to gain access to your garage.


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