Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Excellence in all garage door opener services! We are fast, troubleshoot the electric system meticulously, and excel in opener maintenance and repairs

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

We replace panels and parts and fix anything wrong with the system! We are specialists in garage door repair services

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our Company specialists offer great and immediate services. We're fast emergency spring experts and keep our vans equipped for fast extension and torsion springs repair and replacement. We provide excellent repair parts and respond quickly to emergencies.

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Qualified and dependable garage door installation services

We don't like to make things harder than they are. On the contrary, we want to help you handle garage door issues easier and make the right choices. Here are some excellent tips about garage doors and some exceptional ideas on how to keep them in good condition for long. Check out these tips about garage doors and their parts. See what the best material is and read why you must be careful with electric garage doors and about the importance of their maintenance. With the help of the following tips, electric garage door issues will seem easier

  • Take good care of garage door remotes

    You should always keep the clickers in a safe place where they are protected from water, sunlight and heavy impact. Our experts in San Jose suggest that you clean the remotes with a bit of alcohol. Clean the battery contacts with white vinegar. Remove dirt around the button or buttons using a toothpick.

  • Replacing tracks.

    If you need to replace the garage door, always ensure that you replace the track as well. Garage door repair San Jose professionals do not recommend using old tracks as there might be compatibility issues like mismatched door section thickness, weight, etc. Use tracks that are manufactured only for the new garage door.

  • Make sure to keep your garage doors properly maintained

    If left neglected, whether it is often used or not, garage doors can malfunction. It can get stuck or it might open or close the wrong way and cause accidents. So make sure that the mechanism is well oiled and maintained. You can also consult our company to help you with your maintenance.

  • Do you have cable problems?

    When the garage door doesn’t move at the regular pace, but takes longer or makes peculiar movements, you should check whether the cables are loose. You may need to cut part of them, but if they are old and overused, you should proceed with garage door cable replacement.

  • Be careful with electric doors

    When you engage on garage door maintenance, you must be very careful with the electric parts. You must make sure to unplug the automatic garage door openers before you attempt to fix them or clean them and you should do the same with the sensors as well.

  • Did you lock your garage?

    Home security is guaranteed with excellent locks, but you must focus on the durability of your garage doors as well. This can be accomplished through garage door maintenance, but you can also install locks on the garage door and make sure the entry door is locked, too.

  • How about a new remote control?

    There are some fabulous remote controls for your garage doors in the market. They come out in amazing colors, different sizes and for all human requirements and needs. Don’t you want to take advantage of the new technologies and get a wireless garage door keypad?

  • What is the best material?

    When it comes to the material of garage doors, your choice is the extension of your personal needs and the weather conditions of your location. If you need an inexpensive solution and firm doors, aluminum overhead doors is your best option because wood will cost you more.

  • How often do you maintain your garage door?

    The frequency would certainly depend from its condition, age and the weather conditions of your location, but regular maintenance services once or twice a year would definitely prolong the life of the system, ensure its stability and offer you enhanced security.

  • Secure the Reversing Feature of Your Door

    Making sure that you have the reversing feature for your garage door means that your door will have the capability to open and close automatically depending on the need. If your garage door closes on its own, specialists at Garage Door Repair San Jose recommend upgrading to the model which has the reversing feature built in with it.

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