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Useful Garage Door Tips

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Useful Garage Door Tips

Want some tips? We've got a lot of knowledge to share. Take a look at the advice listed below and learn some useful information about your automatic garage door system. Be sure to check out our FAQ page as well.

Regularly tighten up the nuts and bolts of your door

Your garage door probably gets used quite a lot and the frequent stress and rattle of its motion can cause the tiny nuts and screws to start loosening. You can tighten them periodically to prevent things like the tracks from becoming misaligned. Keep in mind, though, that if you find a more complex problem, you need to let an expert handle it. Our team will be happy to help.

Get a backup battery installed

If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, you will understand the frustration of not being able to open your garage door automatically when you want to. You can avoid this inconvenience by adding a backup battery to your opener. This will ensure there is always enough power to get you in and out of your garage at all times.

Get to know your garage door

Your garage door is a complex collection of different moving parts and small mechanisms that are all working together as one large system. The more you know about the various parts, like the tracks, springs, cables and even the panels, the more prepared you will be to identify any problems, and more importantly, take preventative measures. This will help you take care of small issues before they become major causes for concern.

Take good care of your garage door remote

You should always keep the clickers in a safe place where they are protected from water, sunlight and children! If you need to clean the remote, we recommend wipes or a little bit of alcohol. You don't want to get the device too wet. You can also remove dirt around the button or buttons using a toothpick.

Make sure to keep your garage doors properly maintained

If left neglected, whether it is used often or not, garage doors can be more susceptible to malfunction. They can get stuck or suddenly stop responding without the proper care. The best strategy is to ensure your system is well oiled and looked after over the years, we can help with this!

Do you have cable problems?

When your garage door doesn’t move at its regular pace and starts to come down faster or make peculiar, uneven movements, you should check whether the cables have become loose. If they are old and overused, it may be time to invest in a replacement.

What type of garage door should I get?

When it comes to choosing a new garage door, this will depend greatly on your individual needs and the existing layout of your property. There are a number of things to consider - how loud can your opener be, what is your budget, and would you prefer a modern, aluminum look or a natural wooden one? We can help you work through these questions and come to the right decision for you.

How often should you schedule maintenance for your garage door?

The frequency will depend on your door's condition, age and the weather conditions where you live. Regular maintenance services once or twice a year will help to prolong the life of your system.


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